Deluxe Program

If you plan to rigorously adjust your lifestyle and eating habits then this program is for you.  

Research has shown that we need six months to actually make a new habit stick. With the 6 month program I'll help you to make sustainable changes to your diet, that you will hopefully keep up with for the rest of your life.

This program focuses on losing weight and achieving a lower fat percentage.


What does the Naela Deluxe Program look like?


Intake interview and first consultation of 75 minutes:

We analyze your situation and set realistic goals. During this first session I will also give you brief advice and give some tips and tricks.


11 follow-up conversations of 60 minutes each:

We meet every two weeks to discuss your progress, share new information and discuss a number of different topics. I also give you homework.


You will also receive:

- Personal nutrition plan

- Online environment

- Customized recipes

- Tote bag & Journal 


Monthly Measuring:

Knowledge is power. We measure your progress on a monthly basis, looking at weight, fat %, muscless mass and circumference.

Weekly contact via whatsapp or e-mail:

f you have any questions or want to discuss things with me, you can always reach out to me. In this way we maintain continuity and momentum in your program 




€ 900 (Payment in installments is possible)



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