An Introduction to Nutrition

Have you ever wondered if low energy levels, regular cravings or feeling bloated and sluggish are something that you can overcome with food? Are you looking for more information about your body and what kind of foods are nourishing and healthy for you? 

We would love to welcome you to our introductory workshops to nutrition!
In a range of 3 workshops we will be covering different topics: You will learn to understand why nutrition plays such an important role in our health, we will be talking about your gut, the good kind of fats, carbs and proteins and so much more! 





Nutrition Coaching is a very personal trajectory and every body has different needs. With these introductory workshops, we aim to give you a foundation of knowing what’s good for your body and how you can im improve your own health with simple and easy tips and tricks. 

N.B.: This workshop will be held in English. 

See you there!

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