The Basic Program is perfect for you if you have previously received nutritional advice and need a quick revision and accountability check.

In this 1 1/2 month process, we'll schedule 2 more conversations with each other after the intake session and work on the themes that are important to you.


Think of:

- lose weight or gain weight

- set clear short-term goals

- recipe inspiration

- meal prepping and planning for a healthy diet


What does the Naela Basic Program look like?


Intake interview and first consultation of 75 minutes:

We analyze your situation and set realistic goals. During this first session I will also give you brief advice and give some tips and tricks.


2 follow-up conversations of 60 minutes each:

We meet every two weeks to discuss your progress, share new information and discuss a number of different topics. I also give you homework.

Monthly Measuring:

Knowledge is power. We measure your progress twice, during our intake and during the 2nd coaching session. We'll be  looking at weight, fat %, muscless mass and circumference.

Weekly contact via whatsapp or e-mail:

f you have any questions or want to discuss things with me, you can always reach out to me. In this way we maintain continuity and momentum in your program 




€ 350 (Payment in installments is possible)



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