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I am an energetic and driven nutrition coach with a passion for cooking, helping others and delicious food. I love sharing this passion with you.


My mission is to reconnect people with their own bodies and to make healthy food available and easy for everybody.


I am originally from Germany and moved to the Netherlands to study. If you prefer to have your coaching session in Dutch or German, that is not a problem at all.


I completed my education as an Integrative Nutrition Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York in 2017. Ever since then I’ve been working as a nutrition coach for both, private individuals and businesses. In 2020 I started with a new study in Orthomoleculair Therapy in order to deepen my knowledge.


Even though I am an expert in all things food, I am convinced of the fact that food alone can never be the answer. The key really lies in the connection between body, mind and soul. The coaching sessions always entail a holistic approach with food playing the main but not single role.


By approaching your situation in a positive way, I want to help you create and maintain a healthy lifestyle that is fun and enjoyable.

Naela Health

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