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 the positive way

Create a healthy and loving relationship with food with me!

During the coaching sessions we’ll focus on a positive approach towards food and health. I want to help you create a healthy and loving relationship with food, help you understand how food can have a huge influence on our overall health – both mentally an physically – it’s all connected!


Knowledge is power. You’ll make better choices with the right information. I want to help you understand that dieting does not work in the long run and that healthy eating is an actual lifestyle.

We have all the information about what our body needs inside of us, we just need to understand and listen to the signals that our body sends out to us every day.


learn all about a healthy diet and lifestyle


6 months weight management program

loose weight responsibly and sustainably


What can you expect during a nutrition coaching session with me?


A session will usually take 60 minutes. I’ll take the time to ask lots of questions in order to get to the root of your problem and to be able to give you the best possible advice.


During the trajectory we’ll analyse your situation, set realistic and achievable goals and meet regularly. Like that I’ll be your accountability buddy on your personal journey.

In between sessions there is some work required from your side as well - you will be writing a food diary and you’ll receive homework at the end of every session. I will provide you with a personalized plan, handy tips & tricks and tailored recipes. We’ll meet twice a month to discuss your progress, evaluate your food plan and keep up the motivation.


We are all different and have different needs when it comes to nutrtion and health. Therefore, the approach will always be uniquely focused on your situation. We’ll be in touch with each other a lot to help easen up the transition towards a healthier life.


Healthy eating shouldn’t be difficult. I’ll provide you with simple tips, inspiring recipes and a positive view on nutrition in order to support you to meet your goals.

What nutrition advice can do for you:

- Struggling with a bloated belly, constipation or cramps after eating does not belong to a healthy body. We’ll set up a plan for you to get rid of these symptoms once and for all.


- Dealing with afternoon dips and cravings for sweet or savoury food can be a sign of a lack of certain nutrients and vitamins. We’ll have a look at the foods you eat and at how we can change those so that you stay full for longe rand do not feel the need to snack in between.


- Do you have the feeling that your lack of energy, sleep or changes in mood could be related to what you eat? I’d love to help you discover some connections and improve your overall health.


- Would you like to get rid of those last few kilos that just won’t seem to go away? I’ll be your accountability buddy.


- Would you like to gain some weight and increase your muscle mass? I can help you with that, looking at a detailed plan that suits your workout regime.


- Are your bowels sensitive and would you like to strenghten your gut and get your microbiome in balance? Together we can create an action plan for your situation.


- Are you pregnant or did you just give birth? I host baby courses and am busy writing a book for pregnant women and am specialized in helping out with nutritional advice for these situations.

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